At Eagle Transportation, safety is paramount. It is a value within our company that we will not compromise.

    • Our potential drivers are highly scrutinized prior to being hired, including a thorough driving test, contacting previous employers, background checks, MVR reports, and meeting a high standard of minimum criteria.
    • We believe in giving our drivers the tools that they need to succeed. These tools include; new hire training, on-going training, top-notch equipment, and a manageable workload.
    • We set clear objectives for our divers and have safe, efficient processes to get the job done. 
    • Our drivers attend monthly Safety meetings and receive training relevant to the season and work being performed. Our training consists of everything from situational awareness to ladder safety.
    • Eagle’s Full time Shop manager has each piece of late model equipment scheduled for routine monthly, semi-annual, and annual inspections. In addition, each driver is required to conduct vehicle inspections throughout the workday.
    • Our Safety manager works closely with you to meet every expectation.
    • At Eagle, we don’t just pride ourselves on “doing it right’, we believe in “doing the right thing”.